Abington Park Feb 2017

Abington Park - Feb 2017

There's a lot to be said for just tuning in and dropping out, to paraphrase the late Timothy Leary's 1966 mantra, and escaping into introspection. At least for a little while.

Headphones in, choose an album that fits the current mood, bury head deep into my coat, and follow a familiar trodden path. It is a form of escapism from the here-and-now, for which I am not going to apologise.

I am trying to walk around the Park at least once a day in a bid to get back down to my ideal of 85kg (or 13 stone 5 for the more imperial amongst you). As of today I've managed to get down to 93kg, which is going in the right direction but needs more miles to be walked, and less calories to be consumed.

I See You album cover

The XX - I See You

Current album of choice is "I See You" by The XX, which is just beautiful. The track Performance in particular literally made me stop in my tracks and listen, for far more reasons than I will ever allude to here.

Have a listen. Really listen. No, really, REALLY listen:

I did at one point type out the lyrics and highlighted the lines that I found more poignant than others, but then thought "to each their own"; I'll take away what this song means to me, and you take yours.