I make no bones about it; I am, and always have been, a geek. I won't go into the vexed debate around the differences betweens geeks and nerds, as reading two different websites will give you about 5 different views. Let's just leave it at I like comics, computers and gadgets.


Me in my true guise

The 2000ad comic was an essential part of my innocent yoof-dom and tis something that I still like to escape into when I can. I feel somewhat vindicated as my favourite characters, such as Judge Dredd, have made it onto the big screen, which surely means I was just WAY ahead of the cool curve... Doesn't it? No? Buggar!

Somewhat alarmingly, in a move that is a slap in the face of my dotage denial, the 40th anniversary of 2000ad was recently celebrated in London.

The temptation to go along to help celebrate, and be in a room where my geekdom was positively celebrated couldn't be passed up, that and my inner child was NOT going to let this opportunity pass - I had after all read 2000ad from the VERY first issue; "Prog 1".

I won't go into all the geekery that went on, or the absolute dearth of "men of a certain age, girth, hirsuteness and follically challengedness", nor the amount of money that was spent trying to re-capture that feeling of non-dotage. It's just a little too depressing to admit (to myself more than anyone else).

However I will say one thing; There's an old adage that goes "you should never meet your heroes", which I can happily say isn't a universal truth. For the longest time I have been a fan of the art of Carlos Ezquerra, who co-created Judge Dredd and Strontium Dog, and have LUSTED after some of his original artwork. Not a pleasant image I grant you, but I am not apologising.

In true geeky-starry-eyed-fanboi style, and after queueing for well over three hours, I was able to meet, speak and press the flesh (only hands as it was a little crowded and I was feeling a little shy) with Carlos AND speak to him - and he was an absolute legend! Up-shot of the meeting can be seen below, which I will be giving pride of place once I get them framed properly.

Carlos Ezquerra drawing

Carlos Ezquerra

Original artwork by Carlos Ezquerra of Judge Joe Dredd and Johnny Alpha (Strontium Dog)

Dredd & Alpha Original

One happy geek ^_^